Connecticut High School Juniors: Get Ready for 2016

Setting-Goals-for-20162016 will be a transformative year.

You will be taking the SATs or the ACTs and some of you will be taking the SAT II subject tests. Some of you will also take AP exams and, of course, that means you have been taking AP classes. Due to your challenging classes, you will work harder than ever. Due to college visits, you will travel more than ever. Due to becoming old enough, you will start driving and some of you will get your first job. Many of you will have your first demanding summer job, even if this means being a life guard on one of the Connecticut shoreline’s beautiful beaches. Some of you will go away for high school summer enrichment or mission program.

You will be searching for colleges, applying to colleges, perhaps even gaining admission to college through an early action or an early decision program.

2016 will be a big year. Embrace it.