Junior Year: The Character Building Year

Most every pareCharacter-Buildingnt of a high school junior in Connecticut is likely sick of hearing: “junior year is so hard.” Indeed, due to the combination of starting the college search, taking SATs/ACTs, AP classes, and knowing that 11th grade matters the most for college, junior year of high school is the hardest year of K-12 and, for some, will be harder than college.

It also presents an opportunity for your child. Character is built through challenge. We sometimes forget in all our complaining that every great person went through challenging times to become great. While there is no need to cite M
andela or Gandhi’s challenges that led to greatness, you can likely point to one of your children’s grandparents or other admired older relatives as examples of people who became great because of their challenges.

Junior year is a character building year. That’s a good thing.