SAT/ACT Test Prep

51Kn7XOGzyL._SX386_BO1,204,203,200_51xS954+1CL._AC_UL320_SR242,320_The Significance of Test Scores For College Admission

Test scores are an enormous part of the college process.  Yes, some schools are going test-optional.  That doesn’t mean the schools are not considering applicants who have good test scores. It simply means that those with lower test scores can choose not to submit the scores.  Assuming your school has Naviance or some other software that tracks the admissions of past high school applicants, you should carefully review successful applications. You will discover that those with higher test scores have a much easier time gaining admission to college.  As for the fairness of the tests, read this article.

Your hope as a parent is to ensure that your child has the best possible chance of gaining admission to colleges of interest.  To do so, help ensure that your child scores highly on the SAT/ACT.


The Most Important News For Parents of Connecticut College Bound Students

All Connecticut public school students must take the SAT to graduate.  Given that students must take the SAT, it only makes sense to rigorously prepare in order to use the test time not simply to attain a minimal score to graduate but rather to score high enough for college admissions.

Some other thoughts for Connecticut parents figuring out issues related to the SAT and ACT:

The New SAT and the ACT are now very similar tests.

The SAT and ACT generally help Connecticut students.

The SAT and ACT can lead to a great of merit money.

College marketers mislead potential students about the importance of SAT-ACT scores.

When to prep for the SAT-ACT.

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