College Admissions



Get ready for the most wonderful child to adult transition in the history of humanity. 

For you Connecticut parents sending your children to college, take a moment to realize how incredibly lucky you are in a broader context. Historically, the most common child to adult ritual for boys was entering some horrible King’s army and, for girls, marrying some horrible old guy.

You are getting ready to send your children to adult Disney World – COLLEGE!!! Interesting young people from all over the country (and world) sent to live together with minimal adult supervision, staying up and waking up later than at any other time of life, taking incredibly interesting classes, and having weekends that older adults look back on with incredulity and ask: “Was I really ever that fun?” Be grateful for the college process as it leads to an amazing period of life.

That’s the end result. The journey there is the challenge.


Taking The Stress Out of the College Process

The college process is stressful for many reasons. The biggest stressor is the possibility of rejection from all desired colleges.  It need not be.

With the proper college admissions strategy, much of the stress can be alleviated. Indeed, many of our clients have expressed delight that the college process turned out to be fun. Ok, maybe not fun but not as stressful as it had been prior to working with College Counseling Connecticut.



Using Probability To Make College Admissions Stress Free

You might not like math but we do because it helps us plan the college process for our college bound clients. We have college admissions probabilities down to a near science.

This is important because there is a distinct way to ensure that the admissions game is played correctly. It starts with the hardest work of the college process: finding colleges that your child will like (or love) but where admissions probability is high.

This is not easy work for most parents, particularly for those who are not knowledgeable about the vast array of great colleges throughout the country. There are many excellent colleges that could be a fit for your child. College Counseling Connecticut will help you find those colleges.

The process: We start with the work of finding colleges that fit our clients which are also likely colleges within admission range. We then explore schools within reasonable admissions range. Adding in reach colleges is the easiest part of our work.

With the right mix of colleges in the application mix, the college admissions game can be beat.

College Admissions Counseling

How do we help students navigate the college process?

We coach students on how to differentiate themselves from other college applicants.

We address the complicated parent-child issue related to  college location decisions.

We analyze college cost considerations.

We provide expert counsel on college to career issues.

Most importantly, we serve as effective, experienced advisors for a decision that has enormous emotional and practical considerations for your children.  We will help you help them lead happy and successful lives.