College Applications

This Should Not Be So Complicated

common-appMost all of our clients are smart, well educated, and competent Connecticut parents sending their children off to college. Yet, most all need help filling out college applications. College application help goes well beyond creating essays, which is generally challenging even for the best and brightest.

The high stakes are part of the reason college applications are so challenging. Much like sensible people hire accountants to do their taxes due to fear of getting something of significant consequence wrong, sensible parents hire college counselors to help fill out college applications for the same reason.

Every college has its own “legal” system… and the laws constantly change

The other large challenge is that every college has the right to create its own admission rules. Early action, Early Decision, Early Decision I and II, and regular decision deadlines vary. Each individual college can choose to add additional questions and ask for supplemental essays. Every college can decide whether to super score, use Score Choice, or go test-optional. College applications are truly a complicated puzzle because the rules (the admission laws for each college) vary from college to college. Even more challenging, every year colleges change their rules.

It’s Not Tax Law But It Does Require Specific Knowledge

College Counseling Connecticut has helped clients complete college applications thousands of times. Such expertise ensure efficiency and effectiveness. College applications might be complicated to the inexperience but not to our experts.

Think about any process that you have mastered. You might not be giving yourself credit for your areas of mastery.  But when someone new starts a similar job or embarks on a similar hobby, you would be an invaluable resource.  Consider teaching your children to cook a basic meal.  From your perspective, various concepts such as defrosting, pre-heating, marinating and so forth, are all simple. To a teen learning to cook, these processes are all new and somewhat bewildering.  So it is with the college application process.  Each of our expert college counselors have worked with Connecticut students for dozens of years on the the application process.