No one has ever complained about starting SAT training too early

home-decor-accents-4-6-18-12_12_I get many calls from parents regarding when to start test prep for either the SAT or ACT. After fifteen years of training thousands of Connecticut students in test prep, I know the answer to this question very clearly: yesterday was the best time to start, today is the next best time. Every year, late starting juniors and, of course, delayed seniors curse the fact that they didn’t start preparing for the SAT or ACT earlier.

If you have to sell the idea to your unmotivated junior, then here is your pitch: the SAT and ACT have score choice. You can submit your best score. If you do well in March, you are done. You never have to take the test again. The truth is that most high SAT or ACT scoring students will choose to take the test again because the stress of performance is now gone.

As a parent, I can simply present the facts: those who develop any type of skill perform better when starting earlier, assuming they continue to practice when needed. In 15 years of training students in the SAT-ACT, no one has ever complained about starting test prep too early.