Why College Counseling Will Help You Rationally Deal With College Anxiety

Good video from Big Think: http://bigthink.com/videos/dan-ariely-on-how-to-be-more-rational

Most of College Counseling Connecticut’s parent-clients are very bright.  They live their lives rationally, except when it comes to the college process. Anxiety takes over. The elephant in the room is that the child is leaving home. Parents don’t discuss their feelings with the child: “I worry that I didn’t do everything to prepare you for the world. I worry about your health.  I worry about your safety.  I worry about your happiness. I worry about your success. I worry that I’ll feel lonely when you leave.” And so forth.

Those repressed worries turn into anxiety and that anxiety often comes out in irrational worries about the college process.  Those worries when spoken out loud come across as nagging: “did you get your applications done? Have you started your college essay? What are you doing about getting admitted to college? Do you realize how much we are sacrificing to pay for college?”

Our work as college counselors helps put a buffer between that parent and child.  We can help move your children towards doing what they need to do to position themselves for college admission, get their college essays done, and understand that you are paying an enormous amount for the privilege of providing a college education.

Why is it easy for us?  We are outside experts.  That makes all the difference.