Yes, where you go to college does matter… a lot

CollegeMatters Header Text“It doesn’t really matter where you go to college… “ said Tommy a sophomore from Guilford, Connecticut.

This a such a nonsensical statement that it deserves no serious refutation, except for the fact that it is repeated so often that impressionable young people believe it and need to be reeducated.

I asked Tommy to explain. “My Uncle John went to a local state school and he made a fortune in his car dealership.”

Such singular successes are usually the root of misguided wisdom. “Why do people go to college?” I asked.

“To get a job.” Tommy replied, demonstrating perfect programming.

“I met my wife in college. When I think of my 21 years of marriage and three children, I can’t help but think that it mattered quite a bit where I went to college.”

Tommy nodded, understanding the point, and then noted that his older cousin was going to marry a girl he had met in college.

“My youngest daughter’s godfather was my college roommate.” I continued. Tommy again nodded and mentioned that his mother’s best friend was also her college roommate.

“I lived in Washington, DC, not only for college but also early in my legal career since it became a second home.” I said. Tommy commented that one of the older kids from his neighborhood is living in Boston, in part because he attended Northeastern University.

Tommy laughed a knowing laugh. “I get it.” He said.