College Major: Find Your People, Find Your Major

Declaring-College-Major“Good point about finding my people.” Kat e-mailed from college. I knew Kat when she was in Old Saybrook and had come for college counseling. While we figured out her college fit, we remained a bit perplexed about her college major. She had expressed many interests as well as a deep dislike of commitment.

We finally left it as follows: when you go to college, you’ll find your people and/or you’ll know what type of people you don’t want to be around. That will help you find your major.

Kat had initially expressed an interest in business. But when she was around financial types she didn’t fit in. She then thought liberal arts because she liked to write. But she similarly did not find her people among English majors.

I suggested that she was a practical-creative and that marketing might be the happy medium. Marketing types proved to be her people and now marketing is Kat’s college major.